1. tealdragon:

    do you ever just

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  2. bridmpreg:

    i know i draw rose really gross im sorr y 

    and ive never really drawn roxy before

    so here so some drawins of me showing off a few of my headcanons

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    and then I don’t know what’s going on

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  4. CAP MEME »  colors abound + kill la kill (for aeriiths)

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  6. illustudio:

    JOHN: what…

    JOHN: the fuck…

    JOHN: is that?

    JADE: :|

    JADE: i have no idea

    JADE: extra dimensional shenanigan based phenomena perhaps?????

    [Original Panel]

    My babies are back, oh how I missed you. ;H; 

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  8. Elsa + strong eyebrow game

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  9. got called a man yesterday in front of someone who knows me as a girl


  12. harutart:

    i recently watched the great gatsby and loved it! carey mulligan as daisy buchanan. photoshop.

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    Aaah I was having lots of SoulMaka feels today ; v ;

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    a mikaani for crev who has drawn me many a butlermis

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